Monday, March 26, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Great success!

It pleases me greatly when an indie game gets the recognition and, more importantly, the money it deserves. There is no better example of this kind of achievement than Minecraft. The lego-style, open world game that lets you basically build whatever you can imagine. Markus Peterson, the game's creator who goes by the name "Notch" has recently stepped down from overseeing Minecraft in order to work on future projects but the Minecraft game continues to soar. With imminent release on consoles and continuous additions to the already expansive world, Minecraft continues to be an immense success. Revenues since the game's official release have topped $80 million as more than 5 million people have purchased the game. There will be at least one more purchase on May 9th as I can't wait to play the game on my Xbox 360! Have you entered the world of Minecraft? If so, what's your greatest construction?


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