Sunday, March 25, 2012

MOVIES: The sky is blue...

And The Hunger Games is freaking successful! How successful? Well, let's just say there have only been two movies in the history of cinema that have done better on their opening weekend. The Hunger Games pulled in an absolutely ridiculously insane $155 million in its opening weekend making it the third highest opening for a film ever and the highest for a non-sequel. There was no doubt that the movie would be a hit, but when you combine the fact that not only does this appeal to a much wider audience than films like Twilight, with the crazy notion that The Hunger Games is actually a good movie, you get something pretty special. Personally I loved the movie and think that other book adaptations can learn a lot from it. Anyways, second place this weekend went to 21 Jump Street which just barely missed the top spot taking in $21.3 million. The Lorax took third with $13.1 million followed by John Carter which grabbed just over $5 million. Act of Valor remained in the top 5 taking in just over $2 million over the weekend. So, it's kind of a stupid question based on the numbers but, did you see The Hunger Games this weekend? What did you think?


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