Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Wait of the Rakghouls

So the first content patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic which was supposed to hit the game last night has been delayed. According to the official community page of SWTOR recent feedback from those playing on the test servers has revealed a few kinks that they want to work out before implementing the patch. I have to commend SWTOR for this move. Obviously this will upset those few players who have completed all the existing content at this point, but it's nice to see that they're more concerned with releasing content that actually works as opposed to just doing whatever they can to "expand" the game. Rise of the Rakghouls will add an additional flashpoint and operation as well as some other things to help keep those players who have finished all the content busy. I think it's still impressive that the game has only been out for a month and they're in the ballpark of releasing content. Although no official date was stated for the new release, it sounds like they're shooting for it to happen within the next couple days.

UPDATE: Well about 2 minutes after I posted this it turns out they've actually announced the maintenance will now take place this evening! So it turns out we'll only have to wait 1 extra day! Thanks to Rex Luther for the heads up. Here's the new article :)

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