Monday, January 16, 2012

MOVIES: Why hello there!

Whew! That was a long weekend I just spent up in the great white north (Canada). Sorry I wasn't able to post anything over the weekend or today, I just got back to my wonderful desk. Due to the fact that I'm insanely tired, it will probably take me a couple hours to find the best news from the weekend and all I really want to do is play more Star Wars: The Old Republic, I'm just going to post the box office results from this weekend today. I'll be back to the normal schedule tomorrow though :)

Ok so apparently I'm the only one who's kind of tired of Mark Wahlberg playing the exact same role in every movie because Contraband did quite well this weekend taking the number one box office spot with a take of $24.1 million surprisingly higher than Beauty and the Beast's return to theaters which grabbed $18.5 million and the second place spot. Mission Impossible stayed in the top 3 with $11.5 million followed by Joyful Noise which tricked people into giving over $11.35 million this weekend. Sherlock Holmes 2 once again showed its legs and stayed in the top 5 grabbing $8.4 million to bring its total to an extremely healthy $170 million! I obviously didn't have a chance to catch anything this weekend but I'll be seeing Beauty and the Beast tomorrow night which I am terribly excited for! Did you guys see anything this weekend??

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