Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: More Xbox 720 rumors!

So yesterday I posted an article that revealed some newfound rumors about the "Xbox 720." They said the system would be six times more powerful than current generation and would be set for a late 2013 release. Well this morning more rumors have surfaced. Now they're saying the system will support blu-ray discs, might not support used games and will come with the next version of Kinect pre-installed. The blu-ray would be nice but I'm not sure how many people purchase the PS3 for that reason specifically. I'm not sure how they would implement the idea of the system not playing used games but if they could find a way to do it I'm totally on board. I hate to see developers getting shortchanged when people opt out of paying more than $10 for some truly great games. Now as far as shipping with the next iteration of Kinect? It's insane how little I could possibly care about that. So whether or not these rumors have any truth to them will be told in time. We shall see.

For the full article head over to Gameinformer HERE!

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