Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Blizzard isn't messing around.

This is a big year for Blizzard. Diablo III is set to release (hopefully soon) and World of Warcraft has more competition than it's ever faced in its nearly 10 year existence with the Mists of Pandaria expansion slated to hit shelves this year. Well, in order to focus more of their efforts on making those games great and making sure they actually release this year, Blizzard has opted out of hosting Blizzcon this year. It kind of sucks because I was looking forward to visiting the convention once again after going this year, but I'm glad they realize that putting out a better product is more important than a convention. Also, they are going to focus plenty of attention on the 2012 World Championships which go on in Asia. So no Blizzcon this year, but hopefully an incredible Diablo III!

For the full article head over to Gameinformer HERE!

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