Monday, January 23, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: 2012 is shaping up nicely.

Well we know there's some awesome movies and video games coming in 2012 and today we got some good news regarding Guild Wars 2. Arena Net's Blog has posted a story stating that the beta for GW2 will begin in February! Initially select press will be able to get in on the action but they are looking to expand the beta by March and April to give as many people a chance to participate as possible. It also confirms that the game will indeed be released sometime this year. If beta is already beginning it's safe to say the likelihood of a 2012 release is very strong. Personally I actually hope it's not until later in the year so I can keep spending time with SWTOR and hopefully get some time in with Diablo III once it hits shelves. Are you excited for GW2??

For the full blog post click HERE!

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