Monday, January 23, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: 2 big release dates hit!

Well I didn't think either of these titles would be coming out until much later this year but release dates have been set for Alan Wake's American Nightmare and I Am Alive!

Alan Wake's American Nightmare comes to Xbox Live on February 22nd.
I Am Alive will be coming to consoles on March 7.

Well both of these games had big reveal trailers at the VGA's last month but I honestly didn't think we'd hear much more about either of them for some time. The fact that they both hit within the next couple of months is very encouraging. I personally didn't play the first Alan Wake so I probably won't check out American Nightmare but I am getting pretty excited for I Am Alive. Will you be playing either of these 2 titles??

For the full story head over to G4TV HERE!

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