Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Is it Christmas yet?

Well I continue to get more and more excited for the release of Mario Kart 7! It's another 3DS title that I am forcing myself to wait for until Christmas rather than rushing out and buying it on release day. The reviews are starting to roll in and it sounds like this is the best Mario Kart to date! Some of the more notable reviews thus far are a 9 from IGN, 8.5 from Gameinformer, 4.5/5 from Joystiq and an 87 on Metacritic. I was already looking forward to another great game to play on the 3DS but it sounds like this Mario Kart will offer more to love than ever. With some new implementations like an in depth Kart customization system, gliders and underwater capabilities on your Kart and the reintroduction of coins to be collected on the courses it appears that although the game will play the same as past titles, there is plenty of material to set it apart. But what has got me most excited is the apparent awesomeness of the online play. This is something that has been missing from previous Mario Karts. The chance to link up and play with people from anywhere in the world for some good old fashion Mario Kart. Because that's what made the older versions the best, playing with friends. There are also some cool features with Street Pass which allow you to see another person's profile and even race against their best times once you pass them on the streets. All in all it sounds like this will be just one more reason for people to go out and buy a 3DS and I hope it helps to continue Nintendo's righting of the ship over the past couple of months.

Mario Kart 7 hits shelves on December 4th!

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