Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Mark your calendars for December 10th!

This has been an incredible year for video games. In the past few months alone we've seen some of the most incredible titles ever hit shelves and the future of gaming looks even brighter. With the current consoles being pushed to their limits and whispers of the next generation on the horizon, it's really an exciting time for gaming. So what better way to celebrate that than with Spike TV's Video Game Awards! On December 10th we will get to watch a celebration of gaming that promises to not only honor the best games of this year, but to look ahead to what is yet to come. With promises of huge announcements, premier trailers, intense competition for awards and the recently announced Zachary Levi (Chuck) set to host, it promises to be quite an event. I'm excited to see what games end up winning some of the categories which include Game of the Year, Best Shooter, Best RPG, Best Individual Sports Game, Best Song in a Game, Best Graphics and so much more! The awards air on Spike TV on December 10th at 8pm Eastern so set your DVRs!

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