Saturday, November 19, 2011

TELEVISION: Another step in the right direction.

It's no secret that the last few months have been hell for Netflix. First they changed their prices by like $3 which apparently pissed everyone off (guess what, it's still an absolutely incredible deal), then a few months later they announced this new Qwikster feature but weeks later quickly withdrew the idea after heavy backlash. Stock has absolutely plummeted and suddenly the future of Netflix suddenly doesn't look so certain. However today they announced something that will keep me a subscriber until at least 2013. The Bluths are coming to Netflix. Yup, the new season of Arrested Development that was confirmed a few weeks ago will be aired on Netflix in 2013! If any of you are Arrested Development fans then I'm sure you're as excited for the show as I am. But this also leads into many other questions for Netflix. How much more original programming will they get? Will they have "exclusive rights" for Arrested Development? If so, for how long? It's all up in the air for now but at least they're being proactive at keeping their subscribers happy. Now get season 4 of Breaking Bad on there!!!

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