Sunday, November 20, 2011

MOVIES: Life sucks.

This is the most painful article I've ever had to write but alas, I post the box office results every weekend. Twilight just snuck in to first place with the fifth best opening weekend in cinematic history. $139.5 million worth of girls paid to see less than mediocre acting and less than mediocre special effects which are apparently offset by abs and a story about a girl who has some serious relationship issues. It was nearly usurped by Happy Feet Two which I realized existed while looking up the box office results for this weekend. Happy Feet grabbed $22 million putting it just $117.5 million behind Twilight. Third place went to Immortals which grabbed roughly $12.3 million and fourth place saw the abysmal Jack and Jill which stole $12 million from idiots across the nation. Puss in Boots hung on to stay in the top 5 for probably the last weekend with almost $11 million. But there remains good news for the future!!!

Play the music and light the lights because on Wednesday The Muppets hits theaters! Although still with limited reviews it currently sits with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and was given 4.5/5 stars from IGN! That is definitely what I'll be seeing over the Thanksgiving break. What about everyone else?

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