Tuesday, September 13, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Take to the ice in NHL 12 today!

Tuesdays are a common day for games to be released and today NHL 12 skates onto shelves. If any of you haven't owned an NHL game since they redesigned the system with NHL 09 I highly recommend checking it out. I bought NHL 09 and became thoroughly addicted. It offered countless screaming nights with my floormates in the dorms and I've completed six seasons in "Be a Pro" mode with my goalie. The only reason I haven't bought an NHL game since then is because I've pumped so much time into '09 I would hate to lose all that work. I do think with '13 it will be time to upgrade though. Anyways, in recent years the NHL games have all gotten rave reviews and it sounds like '12 is no different.

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