Monday, September 12, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: A plethora of 3DS news!

So the Tokyo Game Show is about to take place but Nintendo will be absent. To appease fans they held a 3DS conference before the show which produced countless speculations as to what would be announced for the system. Some were even anticipating a completely redesigned 3DS to be released, but no such earth shattering news was to be found. What we did get was a ton of new looks at upcoming games and a few new releases to get excited about!

Here's what I was most interested in from the panel:
 - A large number of 3DS users are girls so a PINK 3DS is coming on October 20.
 - Super Mario 3D Land will hit shelves in Japan on 11/3 so expect something close to that for US. (UPDATE): Super Mario 3D Land coming November 13.
 - MARIO TENNIS announced for the 3DS! And it looked awesome, a lot like the Game Cube version which was so addicting!
 - Paper Mario 3DS coming in 2012.
 - A new FIRE EMBLEM coming to the 3DS and the video looked freaking awesome!
 - Another OLYMPIC game featuring Mario, Sonic, etc. releases November 15.
 - A new GUNDAM game coming this year but not much gameplay was shown.
 - KID ICARUS coming in January and the videos seriously looked incredible.
 - Monster Hunter to be released December 10 and also those videos looked sweet!
 - AND THE BIGGEST NEWS...well mostly for Japan was that they are already developing a MONSTER HUNTER 4 for the 3DS and the video they showed for it gave us a look at an intense chase scene of a dragon pursuing our hero across a cavern. Looked pretty sweet.
 - UPDATE: Mario Kart 7 now has a release date of December 4.

Well that's about it. No new system. No mention of the horrendous extra analog pad. Just a strong library still on the horizon and looking better every day. I'm still excited for the future of the 3DS!

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