Thursday, September 8, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Do you like zombies? Of course. Puzzles? Duh.

Well then you might be interested to learn a bit about Zig Zag Zombie. Now when I started this site I decided that I wouldn't post any information just because a company e-mailed me or asked me to post stuff...but today I got my first e-mail asking me to give some news and oh man do I feel cool! The folks over at Part Time Evil (perhaps the coolest company name of all time) have given me a little info about their upcoming zombie-puzzler coming to iPhones and it actually sounds pretty sweet. Here's some of the info!

The game focuses on the main character who is a zombie who also has some monster friends. There are 5 monsters who all have special powers that interact differently with different obstacles. As the game progresses, the monsters interact with each other and the obstacles to make crazy puzzles. The end result sounds like it will be a combination of the geometry of pool and the "I set it up and it works" magic of incredible machine.

So I actually think it sounds like it could be an awesome game so keep your eyes and ears open for Zig Zag Zombie!

Follow the link to Part Time Evil's site HERE!

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