Thursday, September 8, 2011

TELEVISION?: Ben and Jerry's is decidedly awesome.

Because, if you haven't heard already, they are releasing a new ice cream flavor that is literally based on a skit from Saturday Night Live. Definitely one of my all time favorites, the new flavor will be called Shweddy Balls. The original skit, featuring Alec Baldwin (the epitome of awesomeness) shows a man with the last name Shweddy graciously sharing his Christmas edible balls with two female radio hosts. Now Ben and Jerry's is releasing an ice cream in honor of the awesomeness of humor. It won't be widely available and will only be released for a limited time but the ice cream will be vanilla with a hint of rum, filled with rum covered fudge balls and milk chocolate malt balls. Yum, ice cream and rum the perfect combo. So keep your eyes open for Shweddy Balls!

Here's the original skit!

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