Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Oooh survival mode looks sweet in MW3!

So one of the things about Modern Warfare 2 that people loved was the Spec Ops portion of the game. This was a mode where you could play with friends to complete certain challenges. It was awesome and I think we all wanted to see more of it; well it looks like they heard us when developing Modern Warfare 3. The video that came out today shows some of the Survival Mode that will be an option in the Spec Ops and it looks freaking awesome. Basically Modern Warfare's version of Nazi Zombies, the only goal...survive. It also looks like they have come up with some incredible ways to make it challenging in the form of dogs with bombs strapped to them, juggernaut type enemies and much much more. Personally I'm more excited for MW2 and Battlefield 3 and this video does nothing to sway that judgement. So check it out!

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