Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: If you're thinking about getting a 3DS, decide quickly!

As you should know by now, Nintendo is dropping the price of its massively unsuccessful 3DS on August 12th from $249.99 to $169.99. However, it is being reported that some Wal-Marts and even Best Buys have already started implementing the new price! What does this mean? Well, not only that you get the attractive new price for the thing, BUT, you will also be able to register your 3DS for the Nintendo Ambassador program. This was designed to ease the suffering of those who already paid the $249.99 price for the system by allowing them 20 free downloadable games! All you need to do is connect your 3DS to the Nintendo e-shop before the day of the official price drop. So, if you were on the fence (which I was) it looks like the next 3 days, August 9-11, will be the best possible time ever to buy a 3DS. As for me...I think I'm going to make a stop at Wal-Mart today. We'll see. Found this story on 1UP.

UPDATE: I'm currently setting up my bright shiny Nintendo 3DS that I bought for the bright shiny price of $169.00 tax free in Oregon. Oh, and I'm now a 3DS Ambassador which means coming early September, I'll be able to download 20 free games to the system. :) Get to WalMart now!

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