Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: I think Nintendo heard about WalMart screwing them over.

So as you may know, WalMart jumped the gun on the 3DS price drop by 3 days allowing people to buy the system for the reduced price AND become "Ambassadors" who will receive 20 free downloadable games starting sometime in September (yup, I was one of them). Well, it looks like Nintendo decided now was the time to announce the new Fire Red 3DS oooohhhhh. I mean, I guess if someone wants a red 3DS instead of a blue or black one with 20 free downloadable games then sure...this'll work. The Fire Red will come out on September 9 alongside the Starfox 64 3DS game which I'll probably be getting.

Nintendo 3DS Gets A Flame Red Paint Job On September 9

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