Friday, August 5, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: How do you follow up Halo?

The insanely successful Halo franchise has been the staple of game developer Bungie for quite some time now, but that relationship has recently come to a close. It has been speculated and nearly confirmed that Bungie's next great undertaking will be an online MMO game set in space which to me sounds pretty stinkin awesome. Anyways, as part of their 20th anniversary Bungie made a video that basically looks back at all of their games over the past two decades and in it they make some references to their new project. According to IGN the video talks about them creating a world that will become "more the fans than ours" that will "take a life of its own." A few images were also released that show a potential logo for the game and a couple nice screen shots.

For the rest of the images and the full story head over to IGN! Like now!

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