Friday, August 5, 2011

MOVIES: Now that's what I call confidence!

As you may know, The Amazing Spider-Man is currently set to hit theaters on July 3rd, 2012. Even though that's almost a year away, Collider is reporting that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already has a release date set for May 2nd, 2014. Now I'm all for planning ahead and being confident in a product, but what's the point of setting a release date right now? There's just too many variables at this point to actually set a date. What if the first movie sucks and they scrap the reboot? What if some of the actors are too busy or don't sign on for sequels? What if something at all goes wrong and the movie is delayed? What if, in the next 3 effin years something honestly anything? Bleh, I digress. Still think it's too soon for a reboot, but I would like to see Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man brought into the inevitable Avengers sequel.

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