Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Diablo III is gunna be hella popular.

Get it? Hella...like hell...like diablo...nevermind. Anyways this video came out today that gives some more information on the highly anticipated Diablo III game and it's nice to see some solid video of the actual gameplay. From what we've seen so far it looks like the new Diablo will do it's best to build on the successes of Diablo II while treading some new ground as far as requiring a constant internet connection so peoples' characters are saved on Blizzard's servers to prevent people from hacking the game and implementing auction houses where people can spend real money for items and upgrades (not sure how I feel about that though). Anyways, if you haven't been following any information on D3, this video is a good way to get acquainted with it.

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