Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Patience is a virtue.

And it's one that Nintendo fans are going to have to exercise if they were wondering how much money the Wii U will set them back. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo will not announce the official release date or price of the Wii U until sometime next year. Hot on the heels of the price cut of the underachieving 3DS, Iwata has stated that Nintendo needs to "...recover the consumers' trust before the launch of the Wii U." It will also be interesting to see how strong initial sales for the Wii U are, since now all Nintendo fans have to do is not buy the system for 6 months and wait for Nintendo to drop the price by $80! Only time will tell, but if the Wii U is a flop, in my eyes it may be the first major step Nintendo takes towards becoming obsolete.

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