Saturday, August 13, 2011

MOVIES: Some competition for the Apes!

Friday's box office numbers are in and this week has three potentials to take the number one spot for the weekend. After an incredibly strong opening weekend, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is hoping to hold the number one spot two weekends in a row but it's going to see some pressure from The Help and Final Destination 5. The Friday numbers are in and Apes is holding on to first place...for now. With a steady $7.6 million on Friday, the monkeys are barely ahead of The Help which pulled in $7.5 million. Final Destination is safely in third with $7.3 million but still in contention for the top spot. As for me I have no interest in seeing The Help but it's gotten pretty good reviews and if you're into that kind of thing I think it'll be good. Apes still looks enticing and I might go sometime this weekend or upcoming week and let's face it, Final Destination 5 looks so ridiculous it might be awesome. Who knows. Anyways I'm predicting Apes holding on to the number one spot but we shall see.

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