Sunday, August 14, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Nintendo might be fighting back.

So if you're like me you bought the Nintendo 3DS in that wonderful 3 day period when WalMart offered the system for the lower price AND you had time to register for the Ambassador program. Well, Nintendo might not be giving up those 20 free games so easily. According to My Nintendo News, Nintendo Australia has announced that they will be extending the time to register for the Ambassador Program until September 30th...BUT, 3DS users will not only have to log on to the e-shop but they will have to download a PDF from Nintendo Australia's website and post in the form along with proof of purchase. First of all I don't still have my receipt so if Nintendo does this in the US I wouldn't be able to send in proof of purchase; second of all if I did have my receipt it would say $169.00...eff. So I'm hoping that this is only in Australia since there's a ton more 3DS users here in the US and I'm not even sure if WalMart or other stores jumped the gun on the price drop in Australia. Crossing my fingers that we hear no more news like this today...Full story HERE

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