Saturday, July 30, 2011

TELEVISION: I'm usually a dog person.

But I just finished watching the premier of the new Thundercats show and I must say it was pretty stinkin great! It's very hard for cartoons to appeal to both a younger and older crowd at the same time but Thundercats does an excellent job of doing just that. Obviously Thundercats wants to attract some older viewers who grew up watching the old show but also grab the younger demographic of new viewers to introduce them to Thundera. In the series premier we meet our protagonist Lion-O who is heir to the throne of Thundera but spends most of his time fiddling with technology that no one believes in. The episode does an excellent job of presenting this world of Third Earth and creating a fearsome antagonist while giving us reason to root for Lion-O and his companions. I won't spoil anything for those who want to watch it, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good solid cartoon. Thundercats will air on Cartoon Network, Friday nights at 8:30 eastern.

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