Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TECH: The future is now...

Well, I mean, it's on the way. Remember the time when the stuff we saw in sci-fi movies was too far-fetched to be plausible? It seems that we're getting closer to living in a time with flying cars and robot helpers in every household. Today, Google has released a video showing off one of their concepts for future development and it's pretty dang impressive. The concept is basically glasses that act as your source for absolutely everything you need. It's your map, Google+ screen, telephone, video chat, Siri-like assistant, basically everything you need right in front of your face. The video shows a first person perspective of what this technology could someday look like and it's fun to think about the fact that we live in a time where this is being presented as a serious development. What do you think? Would you wear the Google+ Glasses? The development is being called "Project Glass" and you can follow its development HERE!

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