Sunday, April 1, 2012

MOVIES: No foolin' around.

Well today is April Fool's Day but The Hunger Games continues to seriously dominate the box office competition. Even with Wrath of the Titans opening this weekend, boasting better special effects and story than the original, Games wasn't phased. Katniss stayed in the number one spot with a strong $61.1 million to bring her two week total to $251 million! Wrath of the Titans took second with $34.2 million followed by Mirror Mirror which grabbed $19 million. 21 Jump Street took the fourth spot with $15 million and The Lorax stayed in the top 5 taking in just over $9 million over the weekend. I saw The Hunger Games for the second time this weekend and loved it even more the second time through. 21 Jump Street is also hilarious so I highly recommend both of them. What did you see this weekend? Looking forward to anything coming up?

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