Thursday, February 9, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: Patience young padawans.

Yes, as was expected by most of us, Diablo III has been delayed once again. Initially Blizzard was shooting for a release in the first quarter of this year, but there are still substantial changes and improvements being made to the game which will take some time. Gamespot is reporting that the new launch window for D3 is sometime between April and June. Honestly I know this will upset a lot of people, but I'd much rather Blizzard take their time and make sure they're giving us one of the best PC games ever made. I know they wouldn't delay unless they felt that changes really needed to be made before the game was perfected. Obviously sales will be off the charts and it will be a huge financial boost for the company so it's clear that they have good reason to keep holding off. So now we wait, impatiently for most, but wait we must. Diablo III I know you'll be worth it.

Head over to Gamespot for the full scoop HERE!

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