Monday, February 13, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: It's about time!

Well if you've been reading my articles over the past couple weeks, you've heard me talk about the lack of a marketing campaign by Sony for the upcoming Vita. Well it looks like they've read my blog and decided to put down $50 million on a marketing campaign to raise awareness for the system. The campaign, "Never Stop Playing," will be focused on men in their 20's who game for more than 8 hours a week. This is definitely the right target for Sony, but it's also hard to say that guys who game that much aren't aware of the Vita or whether or not they'll actually buy one. I still think it's too little too late for Sony to try and save a successful launch. I know at my local Gamestop only 3 Vitas are currently pre-ordered. Also, the system comes out in 9 days which I don't think is enough time. The system is expensive, you want people to know about it early so they can set aside $300 for a handheld gaming system. I really do hope the Vita does well, it's an incredible piece of equipment, but I think Sony has made all the wrong decisions leading to its release.

Head over to Gameinformer for the full article HERE!

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