Sunday, February 12, 2012

MOVIES: The Vow Wows

Well I certainly didn't see this coming. To be honest, even though I think it's a terrible movie, I thought The Phantom Menace's return to theaters would earn it the top spot at the box office but it wasn't even close! Hopefully this means fanboys with more self control than myself actually refrained from throwing more money at Lucas this weekend. Unfortunately, the movie that did take the top spot was The Vow with $41.7 freakin' million in its opening weekend! Good Lord I guess people are in the Valentine's Day mood. Second place was Safe House with an incredible strong $39 million. Journey 2 took the third spot with $27.5 million followed by Star Wars which took in $23 million. Chronicle rounded out the top 5 grabbing $12.3 million this weekend. I saw TPM against my better judgement but I'm hoping to get a chance to see Chronicle sometime this week. Did you see anything this weekend?

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