Thursday, January 19, 2012

VIDEO GAMES: The future of SWTOR looks bright.

Well the first game patch of Star Wars: The Old Republic went live yesterday and aside from a few minor hiccups it sounds like everything went pretty smoothly. I'm not 50 yet so I didn't get to try out any of the new content but it certainly looks promising. Hot on the heels of yesterday's release, Bioware has wasted no time in revealing more of what they have planned for the future. Today, via their official website, they released a video that highlights some of the other plans they have for the near future of the game. This includes a Legacy talent tree, Guild Banks, changes to PvP and more. I'm still enjoying SWTOR immensely and I'm excited that it looks like more and more content will be coming quicker than we can handle it.

I took down the video because it kept auto-playing when you entered the site. Here's the LINK!

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