Monday, January 9, 2012

TELEVISION: Is a new Star Wars show coming to TV?

No, not anytime soon at least. For as long as I can remember there have been murmurs of a live action Star Wars television show in the works. Today Collider has posted an article talking about where the show currently stands. The show is currently titled Star Wars: Underworld and it apparently tells a story that is somewhat similar to a Godfather type set in the Star Wars universe. As expected, the biggest hurdle for the show's production right now is money; not just a matter of having money to fund the thing, but the fact that television ratings are so fickle makes the show a huge risk. The series would take place in the twenty year period that between episodes III and IV and the stories focus on the criminal underworld at the time. Apparently there are a full 50 scripted episodes ready to be made but the problem is that making each episode for less than $5 million is impossible due to the special effects needed for each one.

Now here's my gripe with all of these issues. First of all, if the movies have taught McCallum (the producer of the prequels and the would be show) anything it should be that people will watch the show, even if it's a steaming pile of s**t. In fact, all of us fanboys are waiting to see the prequels ONCE MORE in theaters simply because they're coming out in 3D. Why are we doing this? I have no idea because I hate the prequels and I don't care too much for 3D, but I feel that I am obligated to take part in anything major bearing the Star Wars logo so of course I'll be there.

Second, if they realize that special effects aren't needed to make the episodes great, they could probably cut the cost of each episode significantly. Look at incredible shows like Firefly. Joss Whedon understood that we care more about the characters and the story that's being told than we do about special effects. That's why he focused on making set pieces and limiting the special effects to a minimum and it worked! Now yes Firefly quickly got cancelled for lack of viewership but that's because no one knew what the heck it was! Everyone knows what Star Wars is! I think the success of The Clone Wars television show and the newly found success of Star Wars: The Old Republic has proved that there is still plenty of interest in the Star Wars universe! So will the show ever be a reality??? Only time will tell.

Here's a video of the interview with McCallum and the full story is on Collider HERE!

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