Tuesday, January 10, 2012

COMIC CON: Let's go to Comic Con!!!

So remember last year when tickets went online for Comic Con? The site was so overrun with traffic that it crashed for about 4 hours and then once it was finally back up tickets sold out in less than an hour for the entire weekend. Well apparently the people at Comic Con realized that that was a bad thing so they've taken some steps to stop that from happening this year. What you need to do right now is REGISTER A MEMBER ID with the Comic Con site. By doing this you will make yourself eligible to purchase a ticket when they actually go on sale. You can also receive e-mail reminders and updates to make sure you're ready when the tickets do go on sale. I just got done registering and it's pretty easy.
Step 1: Follow THIS LINK to the Comic Con page
Step 2: Select NEW MEMBER ID
Step 3: Fill out all the personal information and do not opt-out of email notifications.
Step 4: Continuously glue yourself to your smartphone and computer for the next few months until the tickets finally go on sale.
Step 5: Hopefully get a ticket (after me of course) and geek out with me at Comic Con this year!

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