Friday, December 30, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Well that was quick!

If you're anything like me or the millions of other Star Wars nerds out there, you've been getting lost in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic over the last week or so. Well I'm still only at level 25 and am taking my sweet time leveling up to 50. The amount of content is more than enough to keep me satisfied for months and months but Bioware is already talking about releasing their first content patch next month! That's right, according to their official SWTOR website, Bioware announced that they are shooting to release the patch in January and it will feature a new flashpoint as well as an expanded operation. It sounds like the new flashpoint will send players on a journey to stop a plague from spreading that could be seriously bad news for everyone in the galaxy. They also said the expanded operation will take the current Karagga palace scenario and "more than triple it in size" with three new boss monsters. I'm on vacation up in Oregon until the third so unfortunately I'm on a hiatus from SWTOR but rest assured, I'm hitting it hard for the rest of January once I get home.

Check out the last boss they're throwing into the expanded operation. Yea, that's gunna be fun!

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