Monday, December 12, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Haters gunna hate!

It seems that everyone is only allowed to fall into one of two camps regarding the Modern Warfare franchise at this point. Either you're a ridiculous fanboy who has terrible taste in games and is too stupid to realize how much the MW games suck, or you're a critical, snobby, pretentious douchebag who hates Modern Warfare for the sole reason that it is the most successful video game franchise in history. Well regardless of which type of douche you are, you can't deny that the games are damn successful. How successful? Well in 16 days since its release, Modern Warfare 3 passed the $1 billion sales mark. Holy s**t! It took Avatar, the most successful movie in the history of ever, 17 days to reach that number. That is such an absurdly insane amount of money! So regardless of how you feel about MW3, it's certainly a perfect example of how to do good business!

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