Sunday, December 18, 2011

MOVIES: This one's no mystery.

Well Sherlock Holmes pretty much dominated at the box office this weekend. I guess tons of people wanted to see the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises beforehand huh? Although the numbers were better than the previous couple of weekends, it still looks like people aren't forking over the $15 it takes to see a movie this time of year. Sherlock took first place with $40 million followed by Chipwrecked which only pulled $23.5 million. Mission Impossible came in third (I couldn't see it last night as the show sold out) with $13 million and New Year's Eve took fourth place with $7.4 million. The Sitter rounded out the top five with only $4.4 million. I still want to see Mission Impossible and also Tintin which comes out on Wednesday (for The Hobbit trailer). What will you see over this Christmas season?

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