Sunday, December 4, 2011

MOVIES: Folks this needs to stop!

I can't keep writing articles about Breaking Dawn being number one at the box office! Gosh dangit! It got another $16.9 million this weekend and nothing else even came close! The Muppets came in second for the second weekend in a row with $11.2 million. Third place went to Hugo which took in $7.6 million followed by Arthur Christmas which grabbed $7.3 million. Happy feet rounded out the top 5 with $6 million over the weekend. It's a bummer that there's not really any big releases for at least two weeks because it looks like Breaking Dawn's run might not quite be over. Once movies like Mission Impossible hit theaters they'll certainly take over though. This is just depressing though, I figured all the girls would have seen it by now...guess not. Oh well, you know my opinion, go see The Muppets!

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