Monday, November 14, 2011

MOVIES: Our first good look at The Hunger Games.

Although this isn't officially the first trailer for The Hunger Games it's definitely the first trailer that shows more than Katniss running through the forest from some fire. It gives us glimpses of the characters actually delivering lines and shows us some of the aspects we were most curious about such as what the Capitol would look like. Although this trailer doesn't do anything to make me less excited for the movie for some reason it doesn't really get me more excited. Jennifer Lawrence is still nothing like the Katniss that I pictured from the books. She looks far too old and it seems like Katniss had more of a quiet confidence in the books. I mean the scene where she says, "So you're here to make me look pretty" is almost laughable because she's already so damn hot. I don't know, I just hope they can stay true to the books and not venture into the safety net that is the Twilight formula. And although this is an extremely limited look it doesn't quite look like any of the kids will be Oscar bait come awards season.

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