Friday, October 7, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: New trailer for MW3 campaign.

Well the Battlefield 3 beta seems to be mixing peoples' opinions over whether or not the game will actually mark the beginning of the end for Call of Duty. To be honest after getting over how beautiful the game looked I couldn't help but feel like EA's strategy for taking out Call of Duty was to make Call of Duty. Obviously one level in beta form is not nearly enough to judge BF3 but I guess it just didn't sway me one way or the other. Plus, there are still a TON of bugs with the BF3 beta and the game is less than a month away. I mean the Gears 3 beta came out months before the game was released and there was almost nothing wrong with it. Anyways, call me what you want but I love the Modern Warfare games. Yes, even MW2. I've been excited for the conclusion for a while now and I know I'll dump hours and hours into the multiplayer. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Today Activision released a new trailer for the MW3 campaign and personally I think it looks sick. Very excited for November 8th.

Video from IGN!

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