Sunday, October 23, 2011

MOVIES: Spooky good.

This weekend saw the release of Paranormal Activity 3. Hopefully what will be the conclusion to what has been one of my favorite horror series ever. The way the Paranormal Activity movies have created something truly terrifying without the use of overdone gore, sexuality or adult content is what I believe to be a big middle finger to all the talentless directors who need those things to make a movie "scary." PA3 snagged $54 million at the box office this weekend dominating all other competition. For the first weekend since its release, Real Steel dropped from the top spot to number 2 with $11.3 million. Footloose came in third with $10.9 millin. The Three Musketeers took the fourth spot with $8.8 million followed by Ides of March which rounded out the top 5 with $4.9 million. I haven't gotten a chance to see PA3 yet but I'll try to get out this week and check it out! What do you want to see right now?

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