Sunday, October 16, 2011

MOVIES: Real Steel stands strong!

Incredibly Real Steel has finished its second weekend at the box office in the number one slot! I expected Footloose to top Steel this weekend but even though it was close, the boxing robots came out on top with a second weekend take of $16.3 million. Footloose almost took down Steel with an opening weekend of $16.1 million. The Thing creeped into third place and took an impressive $8.7 million. I believe that's impressive because The Thing is not getting great reviews but I think a good amount of people enjoyed the older versions and that's what's putting butts in the seats. The Ides of March took fourth place with $7.5 million and fifth place went to Dolphin Tale which grabbed $6.3 million. Next weekend sees the opening of Paranormal Activity 3 which I think I'm seeing at midnight on Thursday; will it finally be enough to take the belt from Real Steel? We'll see!

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