Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MOVIES: No...I am your father.

Perhaps the single most recognizable line in movie history. This scene is so pivotal in the Star Wars trilogy that for most of us, the memory of first hearing Vader's great secret is etched into our memories. The pure shock that Vader could actually be Luke's father and the way that that one line instantaneously changed the dynamic of their relationship. A new level of confliction Luke would feel as he struggled to either do what he knew was right or give into his father's temptation of ruling the galaxy as father and son. I wish my initial reaction was caught on tape because I'm sure it was priceless. Much like the boy's in this video. I'll probably do the same thing with my kids someday because hopefully they have a reaction similar to the one in this video. Just such an epic moment in this boy's life, awesome to see.

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