Monday, October 10, 2011

GEAR: Stop complaining about the 4S.

Remember when everyone bitched and complained about the changes to the Star Wars movies in the blu-ray set? Remember how two weeks later that same set broke all kinds of sales records? Well the internet bitchers have done it again! Despite some heavy backlash about the absolutely incredible iPhone 4S not being an absolutely incredible iPhone 5, the 4S sold 1 million pre-orders in ONE DAY! Wow. Obviously it already sold out and orders that are placed now will have a ship date of two weeks out. And I'm sure the number of people who pre-ordered just because of Steve Jobs' passing is actually pretty minimal. It's still a big purchase to make. So stop whining everyone, or better yet, whine to Siri and she'll let you know how stupid you are.

For the full story head over to Mobile Orchard HERE!

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