Monday, October 10, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Netflix needs to get it together.

So a couple of weeks ago, in the wake of customer backlash due to increased prices, Netflix announced via their blog that they would no longer increase prices of their services. Oh and also that their whole DVD delivery service would be renamed Qwikster and would include video games. Well people weren't too happy with that, although I'm not sure why, and now Netflix is backpedaling once more. Today, on the same Netflix blog, CEO Reed Hastings has announced that they will not actually pursue Qwikster and Netflix will stay as it is. Now I think the biggest deal about this is that Netflix seems weak. Every time they announce a change, if people get pissed they simply undo that change. They need to be doing preliminary research to anticipate how people will react to things before they actually do them. Netflix is in a precarious state right now and I think people are a little uneasy about its future. They need to be careful over the next couple of months.

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