Friday, September 2, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Which will you get? BF3 or MW3?? Or both?

Right now I'm leaning heavily towards both. I gotta get MW3 because I think I'm one of the few that actually got quite a bit of enjoyment from the campaign of MW2 and I want to see how the story ends. I've also pumped a ton of time into the online play and haven't had too many complaints. But BF3 just keeps looking more and more awesome with each announcement and video released. Today we've gotten one of each. First is the announcement from the Battlefield Blog that talks about some of the aspects of vehicle warfare in the game. There will be over 20 drivable vehicles over 12 separate classes. These include armored transports, main battle tanks, scout helicopters, attack helicopters, fighter jets, and attack jets...dang how does that not sound awesome?? There are also over 80 ways to customize your vehicles with three customizable slots on each vehicle for weapons, gadgets and upgrades. And here's the biggest change, your vehicles can repair in the right situation. Frustrated from driving your tank towards the opposition and taking an RPG in the gut? Guess what, you can find cover and take some time to repair your tank's armor. However, at a certain point vehicles will not recover after taking too much damage. So not only is this all well and good but the folks at BF3 also released a video today giving some incentive to pre-order the game from certain retailers. The video gives us a look at the Physical Warfare DLC pack that people who pre-order the game may get and it's got some pretty tasty weapon upgrades that seem genuinely useful. So check it out!!!

Full article on the vehicle upgrades HERE!

Ok I'm off to Disneyland like all day so I won't post anything else until later tonight! Happy Friday!

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