Friday, September 30, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: War can be beautiful.

And it is just that in the very limited but very awesome Battlefield 3 beta. As you should know by now the Battlefield 3 open beta went live yesterday for everybody and although I wasn't able to connect because of the EA servers being absolutely wrecked by probably a billion people I finally got on it today. Even though I'm playing on a 360 so the graphics aren't as impressive as when the game is on the PC, it is still amazing. The detail of the environments is incredible and the fact that so many aspects of each map are destructible makes it really feel like you're in the middle of heated combat. It all comes down to the little things they've done for BF3. The glint from a sniper's scope that alerts you to his presence, a tree falling in the distance, the non-pixelated smoke in a game for once and so much more make BF3 an intense experience. I still haven't played it very long and I'm still getting used to it but I've had a chance to try out a good amount of the weapons and they have all pros and cons which don't take too long to figure out. Needless to say that the beta sold me on the game in the first five minutes and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting Battlefield on its release day now. That's October 25th for those of you who didn't know. I'd love to say more but I want to go play. The beta is open to anyone so fire up your PC/PS3/XBOX 360, download it, and join me! Later!

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