Friday, September 30, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: It's a BF3 kind of day.

Don't ya think? With the awesome beta being live and anticipation being higher than ever I think it's a good day to check out awesome Battlefield 3 stuffs. The most recent of which being an awesome video from IGN showing some jet combat on the map Caspian Border. I mean, holy nuts if this doesn't get you excited for the game then I don't know why you're playing video games at all. I can almost guarantee the jet is going to be insanely hard to fly but it looks like if you get a hang of it you can be the ultimate badass. I have a feeling the first time I take off I'm just going to fly around aimlessly for about ten minutes and hope that someone who knows what they're doing doesn't spot me. Ok, watch the video. Now.

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