Sunday, September 18, 2011

VIDEO GAMES: Netflix joins the game game.

According to the Netflix blog a couple of changes are on the horizon for the company. The first is to rename their DVD delivery system "Qwikster." Why? Why not. Keep in mind this only applies to the DVD delivery service, the direct downloading service will still be Netflix. Another big announcement is that Netflix is going to soon offer a video game upgrade to memberships! For those who enjoy the DVD delivery service from Netflix this may be an appealing addition to the service. It also looks like Netflix isn't content with putting Blockbuster and Hollywood Video out of business, they have set their sites on Game Fly. I'm not sure what the price point will be for the game delivery service but I'm sure it will be competitive with Game Fly's. The only question remaining is who will have the best titles available and whether or not one will jump into the direct downloading game. Time will tell.

Check out the full post on the Netflix Blog HERE!
This is the first image on Google images when I entered "Qwikster"

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