Sunday, September 18, 2011

MOVIES: An important announcement for all you parents.

We know we'll most likely have to deal with it at one point. If done incorrectly, it can cause long term damages to your children. What if one day you asked your child who their favorite Star Wars character was and they responded with a bright eyed "Jar Jar Binks! He's so silly!" Imagine the devastation that would bring you as a parent. The following video talks about the importance of introducing your kids to Star Wars and how carefully it must be done. Obviously Star Wars can peak their interest from a very very young age but you have to cautiously explain to them that just because the double-sided lightsaber looks cool, the fact that we know nothing about the man carrying it or why he's attacking the Jedi is what makes the prequels inferior to the original trilogy. If they start to doze off as Luke is trained by Yoda in Empire, how do you let them know that this is actually much more involving than one billion clones fighting one billion robots in a fight that we don't really understand? I'm extremely nervous about the day I introduce my kids to Star Wars because my love for it is so intense it would be a huge blow if they don't share that interest, or even worse, like the prequels better than the original trilogy...dear God.

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